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    AIR Jordon Chronicles (2)


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    AIR Jordon Chronicles (2)

    Post  can6600 on Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:24 am

    8.jordan shoes 8 behalf of all black harness with red flags,

    shoes, highlighted by leather strap demsehr individual assistance. Published 1992
    9.Jordan nine generations in 1993 when Michael Jordan retired the first launch. This shoe is very

    simple, cheap jordan shoes,but the lines of the foreground is a

    very popular shoe. Soles on some non-English alphabet, says Japanese characters.
    10.air jordan shoes 10 generation in 1995, accompanies Jordan

    trapezoidal back 10 generations. But there are rumors that Jordan shoes sichist not particularly

    11.Jordan 11 generation tongue embroidered "23" message,some of which shoes are "45", This shoe is

    very rare, very rare.Tongue inside were the words, writing The "high-quality basketball shoes to the

    world's greatest athlete inspiration."
    12.Introduced in 1996, was in the name of Jordan Jordan 12 12 shoes very hard on behalf of nature,

    plants are particularly exaggerated Rockets have worn these shoes Taylor.
    13.Jordan 13 in the name of the first appearance in 1997, 12 generations, Jordan 13 on behalf of some

    of the lines compared rounded, tongue, and the Fu?soles on two characters trapeze. Many people

    believe that there are Michael jordan shoes, Jordan in the best

    of times.
    14.Jordan 14 Jordan on behalf of 14 in 1998 in the name of the listed prices very high, reaching $

    150. Nike Inc. was prepared to raise the price by $ 165, after the adoption of the first

    consideration in the purchasing power of the public.but,now is on here.
    15.Jordan 15 on behalf of the introduction in 1999, unique, rare color and neutral colors are used -

    -- gray, not the past, the great?s black and red.
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