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    NBA Edition GuanGong VS Qinqiong: Kobe VS Jordan


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    NBA Edition GuanGong VS Qinqiong: Kobe VS Jordan

    Post  can6600 on Tue Sep 21, 2010 1:42 am

    jordan shoes If you make such a game

    marked Kobe, he even willing to die. Unfortunately, he never have a chance.
    air jordan shoes Winter Stakes on

    Jordan and Kobe Bryant have deep understanding, "Sports Illustrated" reporter

    asked the old Winter, on such a hypothetical war to guess, Winter said: "In the

    end, meet with the blood on the floor." He paused, then added: "But I bet

    Michael will not lose."
    cheap jordan shoes Winter's words

    will be relayed to the Kobe Bryant look immediately serious. "I would not bet I

    lose." He said. However, as compared with the Jordan, Kobe Bryant has not said

    that other people is so conceited. Obviously, Jordan and other opponents are

    Michael jordan shoes Then Bryant, the

    challenge was the Jordan, is not an ultimate test? "Yes," Bryant said, "because

    he is the only one I know, like me, seriously (basketball) people."
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